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Want to sing better, vocalize with power on stage or increase your vocal stamina?

Drill Music Studio has created a vocal warm up CD designed to increase your tone, range and vocal power.  This CD is suitable for public speakers, actors, and beginner or accomplished singers. There are 33 vocal warm up exercises, over 28 minutes!

This vocal exercise CD is specially designed for Contralto, Alto and Mezzo Soprano female voice.

Try the vocal exercises FREE below!

“I have used these vocal warm ups before performing and practicing for years, now I would like to share them with others so that they too can enhance their singing!”

~ Creator Jason Frey

You have the freedom to workout your vocals wherever you are, at home, in the car or backstage before performing. Drill Music Studio has crafted this specifically for the Male Baritone vocal range.

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Drill Music Studio: Female Voice: Singing Exercises & Warm Ups
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